I’ve cracked the top 50!

When I clicked on the latest leaders entry on the MLBlogosphere page, I had expected to see the standard lineup. I was met with a pleasant surprise.

The front page looked the same as usual:


And the beginning of the entry looked the same, as well:


But if you check way down here, you’re met with the pleasant surprise:


Thats right, The Ballhawk’s View has reached top-50 status of viewership on MLBlogs.com. Granted, this is more of a personal victory than an actual victory, I’m still pumped. Most of all, I need to thank you guys, the readers. Thanks for reading guys! Whadda ya say about moving me up a spot or two (or 49)?

Stay tuned to The Ballhawk’s View for a few new entries coming tonight!

Thanks again,


Was that you behind Kim Jones in Kansas City?

Hahahahha yes sir that certainly was. Thats my “luck spot” at Kauffman Stadium. All of a sudden somone taps me on the back and says “Hey, we need your spot for a moment or two.” I obliged and got some face time. I’ve been meaning to ask my readers if anyone has that game tivo-ed, and If so, I’d love a screen shot! Thanks for reading!

Congrats on entering the top 50s!
Looking forward to the forthcoming entries!

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